Schoeller Allibert
BTS factory & office facilities

BTS factory & office facilities

Technical parameters, equipment and location were in accordance with the customer’s specification. The building was designed and built to reduce operating costs and ensure comfort and a healthy workplace. Schoeller Allibert has been present on the market for 50 years. Specializes in the design, development, patenting and production of returnable plastic packaging, mainly in seven main markets: agriculture, automotive, food, processing industry, beer market, retail market. Their offices and production facilities are located all over the world. Schoeller Allibert is a market leader in its field.


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The investment is located in Zabrze in the Special Economic Zone. The investment is a mix of a warehouse and a production plant (7060 sq m in total, 6105 sq m of warehouse and production plant, 954 sq m of offices located on two floors, plus 3463 sq m of external storage), This is an ideal example of well suited BTS.
  • +7000 sqm square meters
  • 6000 sqm – production facilities
  • 1000 sqm – office & social facilities